1989 RUBC Fire


The old RUBC clubhouse built in the 1930′s was destroyed by fire in 1989 that was thought to have been started by kids smoking under the building. The fire destroyed 5 eights (2 were empachers) 5 fours, 4 pairs, 3 clinker eights and 2 launches. total value estimated at £150,000. At the time the University had the boat stock insured for the value of 8,000!!!!

NB note to treasurers, make sure the estimated replacement costs are up to date and not still at 1930s prices!!

Money for the new boathouse came form the University. RUBC members moved in with Reading Town boat club and hired boats off them for the first six months, and then lease space for the 3 boats (Janousek 8, coxed 4 and a pair) that the club could afford. The current boathouse starting being built 2 years after the original burnt down.


Thanks to Patrick Davison and Jeremy Randall for the information