There are four main events in the Ortner Boat Club calendar:


Reading University Head of the River



Visit the Reading Head website here

For the first time in RUBC’s history, the annual Reading Head will include 4x races as well in our upcoming 2015 event. An annual bake  sale and exciting racing are to be expected as usual. This is one of RUBC’s  biggest fundraisers. Please plan to come along even if it is only to  support. If you would like to put an advertisement for your company  in the programme for the Head Race please check out the sponsorship  page. All money goes to the Reading University Boat Club.






Ortner Dinner


The Ortner Dinner is the newest addition to the Ortner Social Calendar. It follows the Reading University Head of the River Race, which makes it ideal to see some racing before having a nice meal with old friends. It was a huge success in its first year, 2013, and we hope that we can make this an established event for all Ortner members.



Ortner BC Annual Henley BBQ-Saturday of Henley Week


After a decade, the Ortner BC’s annual BBQ is becoming quite the established event. Many past RUBC members visit the Regatta and it provides the perfect opportunity to meet up with long lost friends. See the gallery for what to expect! We hope you’ll all make it.






Ortner Challenge Day


This annual event is where the youngsters of RUBC get to take on the might and experience of Ortner BC. It is yet another opportunity for oldies to meet up and check up on how the clubs getting on. This is a great day to support!


To see some past race reports and pictures of the event, click the following years: